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Idit Grinberg

Personal Trainer in Tokyo
Fitness & Kickboxing
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plans and pricng

Personal training

packs and prices for 1-on-1 training

During our trial session, we will have a conversation about your goals, fitness background, and health history. I will then assign you a workout which I will guide you through. this workout will help me assess where you currently sit your your movement quality and fitness level. 

Once I have all this information, I will design a bespoke program for you, which you will have access to and be able to track through the TrueCoach App

You will feel improvements in how you feel (and look) within a few weeks. 

Services and prices

I offer in-person and online training

Image by Kelly Sikkema


Online Coaching

Bespoke Training Program
Personalized Nutrition Guidance and support
One-on-One weekly Check-Ins

¥15,000 /month
8-week challenge program
Pre-Written Training Plan for Gym or Home
Nutrition Guidelines


Optional E-mail Check-Ins

$100 /8-week plan

3 prime locations in Tokyo

Omotesando - 

Gravity X Gym

A personal training gym for private sessions

*free use of the gym is not available

Akasaka - 

Anytime Fitness

state of the art gym, less than a minute walk from the station.

*Anytime Fitness membership required

BVLGARI Hotel - 

Workshop Gymnasium

Luxury gym like no other. offers a Premium training experience atop the 40th floor.


Subject to gym/ spa membership.

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