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The Training Method

The Ultimate Method to Change Your Life

How will our fitness journey begin, and what will it look like? 

Consultation - I want to know you. What is your training history? Where do you want to get to? What are your general life habits? What is your relationship with training? 

Assessment - I want to see where you sit right now. Is there anything specific we need to give extra attention to, or anything we need to avoid? 

Program Design - Here is when the fun begins! I'll design a personalized program for you through the TrueCoach app, we will follow it together and input your data. with Data and feedback I will adjust your progress, tweak the movements and refine the plan to become perfect for YOU.

** Optional add-on: I can build a workout plan for you (either at home or at a gym), for you to follow even for the days we don't train one-on-one together. This is a great option to train SMART, be CONSISTENT, and SAVE some cash. 

Re-Assess - Each month we will evaluate our goal-alignment, progression, and strategy.

Nutrition - Depending on your needs, we can tweak your nutrition, build a general menu or food guidelines, or dive deep into nutrition for performance. 

Why Train with Idit

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